GeeZee (a.k.a. Green Zone) is a state of the art mobile application that will provide the most accurate and up to date locations for all of your loved ones (young and old) all day every day. GeeZee uses a cloud infrastructure just like a large organization to send and receive GPS location alerts when child moves into yellow or red zones. You instantly know where your loved ones are and can communicate with them silently when they are out of their green zone.
GeeZee is divided into two components, a Reporter controller app for parents to receive GPS location information from all of their associated Locator apps, and a Locator app for all children and seniors you wish to monitor which sends all GPS locator zone violation and check-in notification alerts to the Reporter controller app.
GeeZee also maintains a complete history for up to a year on all zone violations and check-in notifications for all of your loved ones.

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"This powerful app is very easy to setup and use for the entire family."
- Mike Willman 

"For a single mother, it let's me keep tabs on my children when I'm not with them."
- Elissa Guigli

"This app is an absolute must have for anyone with children!"
- Maegen Fender