XTownSoftware, Inc.

3828 Looking Post Court

Naperville, IL  60564

Phone: 630-267-4830

E-Mail: support@xtownsoftware.com

Web: www.xtownsoftware.com


Tom Grannan, CEO/Founder


Cliff Haines, COO/Founder


Scott Herter, Director of Android Development


Kevin Willman, Director of Marketing



Hence the name XTownSoftware, Inc. was founded in 2015 to develop Apple and Android mobile software products, i.e., "Safeware", to help keep families and loved ones stay connected and safe.

Building Software products for Families

XTownSoftware was founded by two developers who have created successful software products since the 1980's and also raised families starting in the early 1990's.


The company name and first product idea was hatched over a few beers while discussing one of their favorite past times...The annual Chicago Cross Town Classic: Cubs vs Sox baseball rivalry.

XTown Software